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The idea of Trazler started with a group of international travellers who were frustrated with the status quo of booking trips. Time after time, they found themselves planning travel components on different platforms, having multiple browser windows open to compare options, and wasting even more time when plans changed. Sound familiar?
In fact, when it came to creating Trazler, the idea was simple – an app that brings together millions of travel options in one place. Flights, trains, transfers, car rentals, accommodation, activities and cruises – all available to pick and choose in one slick booking. Furthermore, all trip elements are constantly interacting in a smart way. For example, if a traveller changes their flights, the hotel and transfer dates will automatically adapt.
Throughout the process, travellers can access everything that’s available for any search criteria – just like travel professionals and agencies do.
Trazler is a genuine trip planner, where travellers can build the components of a smart trip that is perfect for their needs.
Backed by innovative technology to make all-in-one travel booking easy, Trazler is for smart travellers who crave simplicity. Created for people who value their time, great customer service and a smooth travel experience starting from the planning stage – Trazler is for those who want stress-free and well-designed travel plans. Conceptualised by expert travellers and designed by travel experts, this is a place to plan and book a trip from A to Z in one go.
So what else makes Trazler the best option for planning and booking travel?
  • Travellers can mix and match the options until they’re happy. Trazler will craft a logical timeline and itinerary, bringing together a wide range of travel services in a single browser window, in one booking. That’s hours of searching and planning saved, leaving more time for the fun stuff!
  • The best travel options out of thousands available. Travellers don’t want millions of options – they want a solution to their needs. Trazler brings together a wealth of travel offers and combinations, sorted by a complex algorithm that identifies the smartest ones. Travellers can clearly see the detailed price of each trip component too, which means total transparency and no hidden costs.
  • A genuinely intuitive travel booking experience. If travellers change their minds while searching, they can adjust their criteria without having to start from scratch. Any travel service can be added or removed at any stage too. Whether travellers are looking for the lowest price, the best value for money, or the most comfortable stay – Trazler delivers the travel options that best suit the trip.
  • Trazler loves humans! Trazler is powered by sophisticated technologies, intuitive solutions and integrations with elite industry players. But Trazler always has humans on hand if travellers need them, with a customer service team that is available 24/7.
Trazler makes it simpler to build a personalised trip in a single browsing session. Whether users are travelling the planet for fun, business, or a little of both – booking smart with Trazler makes well-designed travel simple.
We're constantly working on improving Trazler and we value feedback. Feel free to share yours here.

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